The EyeCentennial project is an exploration of our relationship to light and our response to recognizable themes in nature. Each of the 100 pieces is different, refracting color and form in ways mimicking animal and insect eyes. Elements of science fiction aliens and War of the Worlds space vehicles are also themes recurring in several of the pieces.

Each EyeCentennial makes use of either a Westinghouse or General Electric street light lens, known as a cobra head drop lens. Greater than half a billion of these domes were put into service in the Americas — all of them destined to be taken down and replaced with LED fixtures.

In association with the North Carolina Museum of Art and Kane Realty Group, 60 of the 100 Eyecentennials are the inaugural featured artwork for the new Bank of America building's Art Box on Six Forks Road. After spending a year as Art Box tenants, the EyeCentennials will be offered for sale companioned with a vibrant coffee table book where a whole new, individual mythology will enhance the EyeCentennial experience.