Have you been drawn to a piece of neon and wondered how it’s possible to capture and manipulate such radiance and beauty inside a piece of glass? If you are smitten by neon and want to learn its history as an advertising medium, and then design and build your own piece of neon, sign up for the next round of neon workshop classes and get busy.

Learn the science behind neon’s discovery as advertising medium and its rich history influencing modern art and architecture and decide what type of influence will inform your project’s direction.

You’ll become adept at reading the language of bent neon tubing, designing a piece of art or retro advertising of your very own. From the first session, you’ll be introduced to the materials and methods of glass blowing for neon tubing, trying your hand at manipulating hot glass—bending it to your will.

Instruction in glass blowing, safe fabrication practices, mounting and wiring final assembly of your designs is all part of the course.

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Neon Glass Bending Classes

OUR NEON CLASSES provide insight and experience into a world of unique, high-skilled craft and design: well-suited for the beginner / enthusiast and the seasoned design professional / artist alike.




Class tuition is $575.00 which includes use of all tools and facility relative to production of your finished work. (extra material charges may apply)

This course is geared toward beginners, but is also tailored to those whose material fabrication and graphic creation skills are advanced. Additional time outside of course periods can be purchased at $25/hour for shop time. Repeat course attendees receive a $50 discount.


One day team building corporate workshops are also available. Designed for up to 10 participants to experience the life of a neon glassblower for a day! Explore the skills required for neon manufacture, design and installation. This class is mainly demonstration in some glass blowing participation and a tour through the history of neon. Please contact Nate Sheaffer for scheduling and pricing.



Each course runs six weeks with classes conducted on Tuesday evenings from 6–9p.m. Materials included in the course are all practice glasses and one neon transformer for your finished project. Additional materials range from an additional $150–$300, such as acrylic or PVC backgrounds, tube supports, wire and insulators.



  1. Gain an understanding of the history of neon as a medium as well as the science behind production and assembly of neon tubing.

  2. Learn to work safely with glass cutting tools, glass bending equipment, and become familiar with all shop safe working practices.

  3. Develop an understanding of neon tubing design and pattern making and the requirements a pattern dictates to a neon tube bender.

  4. Attempt glass bending, with the ultimate goal of making or, at least, contributing to the production of your individual piece of art.

  5. Design a neon sculpture, rendering your design first in sketch, then pattern and schematic, and then execute and/or direct the construction of your piece.

  6. HAVE FUN!

First time students unaccustomed to blowing glass may not always be able to complete their designs. You will receive help from the instructor(s) and have the option to hire Glas to execute your designs exactly as you

have patterned them at a discounted shop rate.



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