GLAS REPRESENTS THE AGGREGATE OF NATE SHEAFFER’S EXPERIENCES as an artist and manufacturer. It is a place where ongoing material experimentation and instruction come together to form art pieces and aesthetic décor. Glas is a teaching facility and gallery, an art factory and personal studio—filled with eye candy available for inspiration and purchase. Glas is a glimpse into neon’s past heyday and a peek into its artistic future; preserving iconic works of advertising while creating new outlets for the medium of illuminated glass tubing.

Nate Sheaffer

Nate has been making neon for over 30 years. Glas is his fancy factory and brain child.


Louis St. Lewis

Featured in ARTNEWS, ARTPAPERS & ARTFORUM as a preeminant artistic talent in the South, Louis St.Lewis has been charming critics and collectors for over 30 years. Praised by Warhol, Robert Indiana, and Judy Chicago, St.Lewis plays with a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to a purity of style, rather letting his academic training and innate talents translate into a vocabulary that is simultaneously witty, shocking and bold.

Danielle James.jpg

Danielle James

Danielle James is a native Delawarean, neon bender, metalsmith, educator, and curator. She received her BFA in jewelry design in 2010 and is a recent graduate of the MFA metals design program at East Carolina University. She is the apprentice neon bender at Glas and is currently working on a series of neon signs inspired by messages received by women on online dating websites.